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This was great. It has driven a ton of business for us already. We have several lists to -send your way in the next few days. Thanks again for your accuracy and speedy turnarounds.

- Robbe Lanford

Great work on the last assignment! We were pleased. I have another assignment. Thanks again

- James

Thank you so much for your great work and fast replies and production. We greatly appreciate it.

- Jessica Thurow

Thank you again for the work you undertook for. I am very pleased with the work you undertook and now wish to roll the project out across France. Thanks again.

- Jessica

Again, thank you so much for the great work you guys do. It is very impressive how fast your turnover rate is. Thank you.

- Jeff

After reading the 10 pages I am very pleased with the accuracy - it appears to be perfect :-)Cheers

- Charlotte

We are very happy with all the results and you have delivered quality work with your team! We have got some new projects coming up which can be very interesting. We hope we can precede our relationship after finishing this project. I will keep you posted.

- Liz

Keystrokes are really going up. Congratulations!! You folks are doing a great job and we very much value the contribution you are making to Convergent. Please thank your staff for a job well done and keep up the good work!!
That is an impressive list of services. I will keep that in mind, what an interesting service. Thanks, I will think about my clients and see if they could use any of these services.

- Amy Bates Stumpf

I am very pleased and will use you again. I am also referring business to you from my colleagues and board of directors.

Thank you so much for working with us. Once again, you provided great service and delivered the final product in record time! We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you more in the future. The final excel sheet was exactly what we had hoped for. Thanks

- Damon Goude

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  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Image Entry
  • Text and Numeric Data Entry
  • Check Processing
  • Forms Processing
  • Resume Formatting
  • Image Processing
  • Data Collection
  • Data Mining
  • XML Conversion
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Data Entry Made Easy !!
  • Capabilities of extremely fast turnarounds
  • Cost Effective & Competitive Pricing
  • Capabilities of extremely fast turnarounds
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Partner with Data Entry New York – Your doorway to seamlessly integrated and compatible data entry outsourcing solutions.

Data Entry New York is an outsourcing service provider for precise and secure data entry services. For years, we have been catering to the data entry demands in New York and across the US. We offer data entry services tailor made for your specific needs; they integrate with your processes while you leverage on our competencies, which will reduce and simplify your cost implications.

Our Data entry outsourcing operations for online as well as offline projects, Data conversion into varied formats, Data Processing Services for flawless database and document management solutions, Forms processing, Web research for data mining, Data capturing, etc. We have a talented team comprising data entry operators, quality coordinators, team leaders and project managers, who ensure that you get superior quality solutions in time and with cost efficiency.

Our Data Entry Services includes :

  • Data Entry Operations: Our data entry operations include Text entry, Numeric entry, Alphanumeric entry, Handwritten matter, Scanned Images, etc.
  • Data Conversion Services: We offer data conversion solutions for OCR Clean up, ICR, OMR, Document conversion, Indexing, Archiving PDF/HTML conversion, etc.
  • Large Volume Data Processing: Our large volume data processing services include Document management, Database creation, Database updation, etc.
  • Forms Processing: We offer various forms processing services including Insurance Claims Processing, Survey Forms Processing, Order Processing, etc.
  • Web Research: Our web research offerings include Data Mining, Data Capture, Market Survey, Online Form Entry, Web-to-web entry, etc.

We accept data in various formats including, hand sketches, scanned images, PDF format, GIF or JPEG format, pictures, photos, electronic files, etc. Keep up with the increasing competition and technological advancements with our seamlessly integrated data entry solutions. Customer Satisfaction is our main driver and we strive to add sustainable value to our client’s business with our services.

Contact us and reap the benefits of customized data entry services at Data-Entry New York!